Awards & Commendations


2019 – one of 4 winners – The Novella Project VII – Griffith Review for Cleave

2017 – Winner in Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, Stream of Consciousness short story competition, November (US) To Know Again Why it is You Have Come (here)

2017 – 3rd in the Retreat West Short Story Prize (UK) The Distance

2016 – 1st in the Alan Marshall Award Open Prize. Under the Skin of Things. (Read here – follow Living In, Arts, Alan Marshall)

2015 – 2nd in the Fish Short Story Award (Ire). Tomorrow.

2014 – Equal 1st in the Alan Marshall Award Local Prize. To Swim the Purple Sea.

2012 – 1st in the Alan Marshall Award Local Prize. All the Time In the World.

2011 – 1st – Hal Porter Short Story Competition. Beyond the Bay.

2009 – 1st – Southern Cross Literary Competition. The Drowned Town.

2007 – 1st in the Ellen Gudrun Kastan Literary Award Short Story. The Summer the Fox.

1996 – 2nd in the Society of Women Writers and absolutely women’s health Short Story competition. This Too Will Pass.



Shortlisted in Cambridge Short Story Prize 2019, for Every Shiny Thing on Fire

Finalist in the Newcastle Short Story competition  2019, with Fly

Longlisted in Ink Tears Short Story Competition 2019, for Perfectly Fine

Highly Commended in Forge Literary Magazine’s Flash Fiction Competition 2018, for Ballooning

Shortlisted in Tasmanian Writers Prize 2018, for Two Beach Chairs Facing the Sea

Longlisted in Kill Your Darlings Unpublished Manuscript Award 2018, for, Every Shiny Thing – Short Stories.

Longlisted in Ink Tears short story competition 2017, for Oh, the Water

Longlisted in the Mslexia Novel Competition 2017, for All the While, the Birds

Shortlisted in the Southern Cross Literary Competition 2017, for Every Shiny Thing on Fire

Finalist in the Tillie Olsen Short Story Award, Tishman Review, 2017, for Vacancy

Shortlisted in the Alan Marshall Award, Open Prize, for Every Shiny Thing On Fire 1917

Shortlisted in the inaugural Peter Carey Award 2017 for Black As

Shortlisted in the Margaret River Short Story Competition 2017 for Oh, the Water

Shortlisted in the Write Around the Murray, Albury Short Story Award for Shapeless 2016

‘Notable Contender’ in the 2016 Bristol Prize for  The Distance

Highly Commended in the Tasmanian Writers Prize 2016 for All the Quiet Things 

Shortlisted in the Fish Prize 2016 for The Distance

Longlisted in the Margaret River Short Story competition 2016 for Under the Skin of Things

Finalist in the notJack Writers Prize 2015 for Shimmer-Fade

Highly Commended in the 2015 Southern Cross Literary Competition for Two Beach Chairs Facing the Sea.

Highly Commended in the 2013 Boroondara Literary Awards for Just My Father On His Knees in the Ash.

Highly Commended in the 2011 FAW Mornington Peninsula Prize for Shimmer-Fade.

Highly Commended in the 2008 Ellen Gudrun Kastan for The Drowned Town.

Highly Commended in the 2006 Port Stephens Examiner Literature Award for Up the Airy Mountain.

Commended in the 2004 Open category University of Canberra Short Story Competition for Shimmer-Fade.

Commended in the 2001 Eastern Regional Libraries Short Story Competition for A Christmas Story.

Commended in the 1999 Judah Waten Short Story for Beyond This Point.